Our DeCals

At Innovative Design, we are passionate about educating the greater student community. We give students the power to create effective design and art to be more professional, established, and creative.

intro to photoshop and illustrator decal

This course teaches graphic design through the use of Photoshop and Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC will be taught in a series of tutorials complemented with exercises to perform during class and at home. These exercises give students the opportunity to practice the tools, create designs, and exercise their creativity. We will also explore graphic design trends and their applications, and learn to receive and give critiques in order to improve your design work. We hope to make this a fun and rewarding class. Lessons for this decal will be released below.

photo decal

In this class, students will be introduced to the history, art, and practices of photography in the modern world. Students will learn how to manually operate a digital SLR camera, how to use lighting in conjunction with posing to create compositions, and how to post-process RAW photos. Di erent disciplines will also be taught and include portraiture, landscape, architecture, product, studio and more. Over the semester, students will learn critiques of photos and develop a more artistic eye for photos.

graphic design principles decal

This DeCal is designed for students who are technically proficient and are looking to learn design principles in order to apply their technical skills to projects. This DeCal is not meant to give you all the tools and knowledge to become a professional designer. However, we will provide an essential foundation to start your career in design.