Our club and DeCals are led by the Officer Board. Each VP presides over an aspect of our club’s operation in addition to leading a Design or Photography team.

the chillest bear, ice b

Elizabeth Zhou


the bobfather

Jackie Zou


the 51b hates me

Lisa Chen

VP External

nothing has broken me more than dairy

Allison Nguyen

VP External

a gudetama mood, always

Sheryl Chang

VP Internal

responsibly reckless

Shenelle Perera

VP Internal

lived in 5 different countries wuaw

Ruby Chen

VP Marketing

she can’t read!

Rachel He

VP Marketing

perpetually confused

Maggie Chen

VP Edu Outreach

hi I'm kiki and yes I do love you

Kiana Aryan

VP Edu Coordinator

mm vegetables

Iris Hou

VP Design Services

taurus sun libra moon cancer rising

Sunny Young

VP Photo Services

stress n messy

Joanne Lin

VP Administration

livin' la vida boba

Emily Gosti

VP Publicity

australian out of water

Nicholas Chiu

VP Recollections

i am going to space

Ethan Lee

VP Technology

addicted to shopping, sleeping, + snacking

Ashley Chen

VP Finance

tall child

Melissa Silvers

Gold Team Lead

who cares about your feed's aesthetic

Jackie Xu


spends over 2 hours deciding on sauces at safeway

Julie Wong

Intro DeCal Facilitator


Valerie Tan

Intro DeCal Facilitator

I like suits n' stuff.

Sahil Sanghvi

Intro DeCal Facilitator

my favorite ocean is frank ocean

Brandon David

Intro DeCal Facilitator

poopy-di scoop

Alan Nguyen

Photo DeCal Facilitator

broken heads broken dreams

Andrew Chi

Photo DeCal Facilitator


Cathy Meng

Photo DeCal Facilitator