We have 4 teams!

Our club and DeCals are led by the Officer Board. Each VP presides over an aspect of our club’s operation in addition to leading a Design or Photography team.



| Gold

Our Gold Design Team designers work with on campus organizations for a variety of graphic design related servies. From flyers, banners, logos, and more we provide pro-bono services to support our student and local communities. In addition, teams focus on portfolio development for members through personal projects and workshops for skill building.


| Blue

Our Blue Design Team designers work with off campus clients for industry level design work. This team provides branding packages and other design services to professional clients.


Our photo teams cover events and photoshoots for on-campus organizations. They meet during the week, as a team, to shoot for your personal portfolio, receive instruction, and build a community with photographers.


Hone your design and development skills as you create layout mockups and build websites for clients.



We promote and value the personal and creative growth of our members. We are always learning and helping others.


We value exploration and curiosity for learning. We are eager to learn from our community.


We welcome new ideas and diverse thinking. We strive to question the status quo and think outside of the box.


Enjoys looking at well-made maps

Sahil Sanghvi


enjoys hellen keller conspiracy theories

Renee Utter


did u know ice cream has more carbs than pasta? <3

Annie Lin

VP Services, Web Team Lead

clam chowder is seafood boba

Jenny Chen

VP Education Outreach, Gold Team Lead

let's talk mason jars

Lindsey Guan

VP Education Coordinator, Gold Photo Lead

i hate trader joe's takis

Farhan Hossain

VP External, Blue Team Lead

needs naps and boba for life

Kelly Ma

VP Internal, Gold Team Lead

holding u soft & gently in the astral plane :,)

Vivian Zhang

Marketing Team Lead

hot cheetos >> cheetos

Jihyun Kim

Marketing Team Lead

1 2 mayweather

Albert Tian

VP Tech

jafeel me?

Elly Lee

VP Finance

i like big crocs and i cannot lie

Elizabeth Tang

Photo Decal Facilitator

spirit animal is an egg

Emily Shaw

Intro DeCal Facilitator

latte art amateur

Gloria Fung

Intro DeCal Facilitator

my name ryan yu

Ryan Yu

Intro DeCal Facilitator, Gold Team Lead

I have a cat for each of my hands

Sophie Doucet

Intro DeCal Facilitator

in my room

Tucker Beachem

Gold Team Lead

The Chesapeake Bay is the best bay,

Jason Cao

VP Internal, Gold Photo Lead

reminder to drink some water

Danny Ha

Senior Advisor

i <3 trader joe's takis

Megan Chai

Blue Team Lead

baja'd his last blast

Joshua Yao

Senior Advisor