Our club and DeCals are led by the Officer Board. Each VP presides over an aspect of our club’s operation in addition to leading a Design or Photography team.

i'll have the flaming yawn

Jackie Zou


your local muji dealer

Elizabeth Zhou


just trying my best

Carolyn Chu

VP Administration

my favorite pasta shape is cavatappi hbu :)

Vivian Zhang

VP Design Services

just wants to die laughing

Renee Utter

VP Photo Services

lemme check my calendar

Joanne Lin

VP Edu Outreach

mega dinkoid

Kiana Aryan

VP Edu Coordinator

that one meme of a kitchen holding a knife

Ruby Chen

VP External

you are my dad! (boogie woogie!)

Rachel He

VP External

how come i keep running out of money

Iris Hou

VP Internal

resting egg face

Cathy Meng

VP Internal

i could lose weight but i hate losing

Meria Ogawa

VP Marketing

stress n messy

Sasha Dimov

VP Marketing

catch me dancing at the iceberg

Melissa Silvers

VP Publicity

cs major without the cs money

Calvin Tang

VP Recollections

if i can't scuba, then what's this all been about

Nicholas Cai

VP Technology

collects chick fil a sauce

Ashley Chen

VP Finance

hong-konger out of water

Nicholas Chiu


stan dieter

David Xie


i got fired im not even supposed to be on this page

Ethan Lee


my retirement plan is to become a sushi chef

Lisa Chen


it's soup time

Allison Nguyen


squishmallow ambassador

Julie Wong


notebook hoarder

Valerie Tan

Intro DeCal Facilitator

i like suits and rockets

Sahil Sanghvi

Intro DeCal Facilitator

omg i love your cat too

Maggie Chen

Intro DeCal Facilitator


Diana Fan

Intro DeCal Facilitator

the og wallflower

Jessica Hsiao

Photo DeCal Facilitator

plant lover that kills plants

Sarah Lee

Photo DeCal Facilitator

1 part egg tart 2 parts bread

Cristal Banh

Gold Team Lead

your local ghost-hunting granny

Sharon Pan

Gold Team Lead

soundcloud.com/ kadendippe

Alan Nguyen

Photo Team Lead

thinking emoji

Jacky Lu

Web Team Lead

*snorts matcha* LET'S GET THIS BREAD

Mariel Aquino

Web Team Lead