Innovative Design is UC Berkeley’s premier creative agency. We are designers, photographers, and web developers together in a mission to Make Berkeley Beautiful.

What we do

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Develop your creative skills and use state-of-the art tools in one of the three DeCals we offer in design and photography. Our courses provide a comprehensive foundation in skills applicable to any industry.

Infosessions for DeCals:

Aug 29, 5PM

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Join our creative agency as a graphic designer, photographer, or web designer. We tackle dozens of projects each semester to Make Berkeley Beautiful. You’ll be able to grow your portfolio, work with clients, and develop your creative vision.

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Sep 2, 7PM - 8PM

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Our teams execute projects for campus clubs and local startups throughout the semester.

Our club

We bring design education to the greater campus through workshops and events.

Our events

We help our members bond with each other through socials, skillshares, and banquets.

Our club

Our members teach three of Cal’s most popular DeCals to help beginners pick up their cameras or design programs.

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