Our Club

At Innovative Design, we explore our three core disciplines of design, photography, and web. We work as a creative agency, with 120+ students tackling projects to support the community.

Graphic Design: Gold & Blue

Our designers take on a variety of different kinds of requests to support the student and local community. We provide pro-bono designs for flyers, banners, logos, and more for on-campus clubs. We also take on branding projects from local businesses and startups with our advanced design team.


Our photographers document the happenings of the campus and the city. We work on client requests such as event photography, portraiture, or studio and product photography, and we provide ample space for our photographers to explore their aesthetic on their own through personal projects.


Our teams of web developers help student groups solidify their online presence with a website. With our modern stack, we deliver robust, high-quality, and easily-maintainable sites that will be beautiful for years to come.